Indivision ECS V2 with Eizo S1933 VSync problem

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  • Hi,

    Because Jens asked to make a new thread, ( Display artifacts )here we go. Timm

    I'm running my Workbench on a Pal HiRes Laced 640x512 at 50Hz with the ECS V2 config.

    In my config I have 2 profiles, 1 for the Workbench and 1 for the games (640x512 Pal HiRes 50Hz). When I enable the V-Sync on the games-profile and apply this profile I get a black screen on my Workbench.

    I just want to ask if it is possible to make a config that I don't get a black screen and can run the games, demo's with the V-Sync enabled.

    Attached are some pictures and the config file from the ECS V2 (where the V-Sync isn't enabled this time)

  • Would it be acceptable if we first check if we can both get to a working PAL interlace + vsync-enabled configuration?

    You might want to save your current config to a backup file first. I did the following with the Eizo Flexscan S1933 on a non-interlace PAL Workbench:

    - Invoked Menu 'Settings/Restore to Defaults'

    - Copied "(Pre 640x512 PAL)", renamed it to "1280x1024 PAL vsync"

    - Picked VGA mode "Pre 1280x1024 50Hz vsync"

    - Clicked 'Test/Adjust' and accommodated it to the monitor

    - Selected Test Mode: "PAL: HighRes Interlace"

    - Clicked 'Test/Adjust' - interlace was fine, too

    - Clicked 'Save & Apply'.

    This config now works for me with the Workbench in PAL non-interlace and interlace, as well as with games and demos.

    The VGA settings are slightly different from those in your screenshots.

    I think the issue for you is just that you do not really have different 'profiles' for games and the Workbench.

    (With an IndivisionAGAmk3 it's possible to switch live between different configurations that match the same criteria - but not with the IndivisionECSv2.)

    If HiGfx is not an option for you to differentiate between games and Workbench, how about for example SuperPlus, NTSC, or some other modes?

  • Timm

    Thanks Timm for the advice! :thumbup:

    Works like a charm, scrolling is now so smooth, laced pictures without a black screen and not a black Workbench :)

    Just perfect for my needs.

    I will do the same with the Indi AGA MK3 on the A1200, I had no problem there with switching from different screenmodes, only the black screen on laced pictures.

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