RTC clock module on the original motherboard and metal plate

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  • Hello,

    I'm replacing ACA1233n with Vampire V2 in my A1200,

    I would like to reuse my RTC clock module I was connecting to the ACA but when I connect to the A1200 motherboard (close to kickstart modules)

    the cover metal plate does not close anymore ??

    Am I fitting it correctly ? (I suppose yes according to pictures I have found online).

    Is there a solution to correctly fit back all

    thank you in advance for your support

    Alessandro Braccini

  • The RTC module will work if placed inside the A1200. You may have to modify the top shield; the module goes "around" the Kickstart sockets, so it may not fit with the unmodified upper shield.

  • thanks Jens for the answer,

    is there any schema to modify the shield, or I just need to "cut" more or less accordingly with the module size ?

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