Buddha and Amiga 500

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  • Is it possible to use a Buddha card with an Amiga 500 through any kind of bus adapter?

    Whilte it may be possible, I strongly recommend to not attempt it. You'll only have the standard CPU, no extra memory and therefore very limited use of the mass-storage that the Buddha offers.

    For an A500, it's way more cost effective to use an ACA500plus: It offers mass-storage and easy installation just like the Buddha, but you don't have to buy a CF adapter, you have extra memory, several Kickstart ROMs, faster CPU, a freezer, and an option for cheap networking and A1200 accelerators. From a price/performance point of view, you won't beat that with a Buddha and an adapter, which we would not support due to the questionable stability of the whole system (let alone power consumption problems!).