Download version 3.0.1

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  • Hi! Is there any way to download version 3.0.1? My order expired on Jan 13 2021, but I wasn’t aware of it: I thought there was a fixed number of downloads, not also a timer.

    I’m asking because:

    • I got version 3.0 but forgot to get 3.0.1 in time - was still eligible for that
    • Shapeshifter- but in general palette changes-are definitely broken in 3.0
    • I don’t feel like paying again to get a palette bug fixed. I’ll gladly pay for a new version with some new features, but I find it wrong to pay for a bug fix.
    • Also, buying 3.0.2 would start another “timed death”. What if this happens again? Ie version 3.0.3 breaks something just a month before the expiry?

    Please don’t consider this a rant. Just trying to explain my point of view.

    On a totally separate topic: any news update on the Buster V12? I am really interested in it!