trying to see CF card as DH0 under WB1.3

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  • tried all kinds of settings but all i can get to is WB1.3 with no errors booting off my WB1.3 floppy. I want to be able to boot directly into WB1.3 from the CF card on my ACA500+.

    Can someone that has this WB1.3 setup please give me a step by step how to


  • If you make a CF card with the OS3.1 installer, it will automatically add a dh0: partition if the card is large enough (size will be about 50MBytes). If you boot off that card, you will of course boot into WB3.1.

    You can then mount the dh0: partition by using the mountlist that has been placed into the storage: drawer (or was it the devs:mountlists drawer? Just check, must be one of these two places). Once the partition is mounted, you can copy the contents of your WB1.3 floppy (and possibly other 1.3 disks) to the partition.

    The dh0: partition will be bumped up in priority if you launch the system with F2 from the startup menu of the ACA500plus. The other partitions will also be "visible" in that case, so you will ahve a shared "work" partition, for example.