ALICE chip from iComp shop

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  • Why can't I just buy the only Alice chip from the shop ?

    I'm only selling the chips because I want to support the community in their effort to make new boards - while I'm not delivering the A1200 Reloaded yet.

    If I would sell Alice without a set, I'd end up with useless other chips and no possibility to deliver an A1200 Reloaded. In other words: I'm parting with a chip for 35,- EUR, but rip myself of the possibility for several hundred EUR of revenue for an A1200 Reloaded board.

    I keep emphasizing that iComp is not a money-maker, but a hobby. However, it's supposed to be fun and self-sustaining. The self-sustaining part would be gone if I make bad financial decisions.

  • Mine was only an attempt to repair a board.

    That's a different thing - if you send a defective Alice chip (as proof that it's for a repair), I will sell you a single Alice chip. That's a manual thing, though, can't handle this in the shop system. However, I've made the promise to the community years ago and I stand by it: Alice chip for a repair is available. Just send the defective chip to the company address, and I'll get back to you with an invoice for a new one (please include your eMail address in the parcel!).

  • Hi Jens,

    I have a working Alice chip but it has two missing/broken legs so can't be used anymore, would it be possible for me to send you this in exchange for another Alice chip?

  • If you know that it's working, why not use it? Carving out a bit of the plastic to solder to the remainder of the pin should be possible. We'd treat it as a "defective chip" if you send it to us and let you buy a new Agnus, regardless of the reason why you send it here, or the claim of it working. However, it's quite some money that you can save, so you might want to try fixing the two pins by adding a wire bridge from the board to the chip. This is of course estimating that you don't use a socket.