Indivision AGA MK3 problem: screen mode changes constantly

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  • In December 2020, I bought and Indivision AGA MK3 from GGS Data here in Sweden.

    My first attempts to install it in one of my A1200s didn't work out very well (no picture at all in either HDMI or VGA modes), but that was probably due to the fact that the old Sony Bravia TV i was using.

    I've now tried it in a different machine and with a different VGA monitor, and I get a picture, but it constantly jumps around between different display modes, and always need to press the mouse button to keep it from moving the viewable area around.

    The A1200 in question seems to work fine, but hasn't been recapped. When I ran Amiga Test Kit, however, it shows timing/IRQ problems with the CIAA. Could this be the cause of the jumping display modes and the mouse button issue, since this, I believe is the CIA to which the MK3 is attached.



  • If you suspect the CIA adapter board to be the source of the trouble, you could as a test/diagnosis trying to disconnected it. The AGA mk3 should work correctly without the CIA board attached. You only lose the live-edit mode and some minor audio functions, but the picture output will be unaffected. If that fixes the issue it will confirm your suspicion that the CIA is involved.

  • Most of all: Make sure to run the latest firmware. You may have an old firmware installed in that unit. Further, bad power supplies have been an ever-recurring cause of failure for any new hardware that is installed, so please mention what type of PSU you are using in that setup.

  • Removing the CIA board fixed the problem with jumpy screen modes and annoying mouse behaviour. Right screen mode set using the software. So I will likely have to have that CIA chip replaced when the motherboard is recapped. Firmware updated for good measure. The MK3 even works now with a Keelog PSU. Case solved. Thanks for the help!

  • the newest one is an Electroware.

    Do not use that on an Amiga! It is based on a MeanWell chassis, which is good in itself, but not suitable for an Amiga. Electroware adds way-too-long cables, and just because it has a plug that happens to fit the Amiga, it does not mean that it's suitable.

    The MeanWell chassis does not know about the cable drop (will only regulate 5V at the source), and the ripple specification is also worse than Commodore requires. Please read all about a proper PSU in our PSU FAQ. Mot of all: RETURN THAT ELECTROWARE CRAP! It was sold to you with false advertising. Claim your money back, you're entitled to it.

    The same applies to the Keelog PSU. It is based on the same chassis, so it is also sold with false advertising. You can return it for a full refund. It is known-bad and even dangerous to new hardware - fine for an un-expanded A500, but already dangerous if you have a 5V-only floppy drive in it. Again, do not operate it with our hardware.