PixelWizard C64C case question.

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  • What am I supposed to do?

    Please wait until we have sorted all the IT problems with UPS - you'll be able to choose UPS as a carrier when we have (finally) solved the problem of transferring customs information to them electronically.

    Our other partners DHL and Parcel One are either not up to the task of transporting these parcels within a reasonable timeframe, or they just don't take the size of parcel.

  • WOW! That was fast!

    As soon as I read that shipping to U.S. was available again, I placed my order.

    It arrived THREE days later! This is the fastest I have received anything from a European country before. My package obviously did not spend any time in customs or it was able to breeze through somehow.

    Bravo on the new system, Jens!

  • My package obviously did not spend any time in customs or it was able to breeze through somehow.

    The blessing of electronic invoicing: UPS does all the paperwork in advance, even before the parcel enters the country. My guess is that customs will pick out parcels here and there and still be able to delay things, so your case may not be representative. Also, there are reports online of "surprise invoices" that UPS sends to recipients of parcels when customs charges were not charged at the door.

    Our frist trial shipment (shipped early November) took a bit longer, as it was the "expedited" service. I then learned that there is only a 2-EUR difference to "express saver", and that the reason why "expedited" was so slow was that many express and express saver parcels have occupied space on the plane - the "expedited" parcels then get delayed. I therefore decided not to offer that service in the shop, as that 2,- EUR difference really doesn't help at the price that UPS charges.

    Also, it really appears to be the way that the UPS salesman told me: We're in a really good location to the airport that UPS uses. If you take a detailed look at tracking, you will probably find that it was less than 24 hours from pickup to take-off for the journey over the big pond.

    Bravo on the new system, Jens!

    Thanks, but credit is due for Andreas who implemented the SOAP/XML hell. I refuse to use the UPS Windows software: Our data protection declaration clearly says that we take good care of personal data. I can't declare that and then turn around to enter personal data on a Windows system, so we had to code something that works in our Linux-only environment. Sorry it took so long. I believe it was worth the wait.