PixelWizard C64C case question.

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  • Is PixelWizard still making C64C cases?

    I emailed them with no response to this inquiry.

    On PixelWizard website, they directed purchase to your company.

    I did not find any listing, so, assume you are out of stock or no longer carry the C64C case.

    If the cases are still being made and Individual Computers still sells this product, when will this item be restocked?

    Thank you


  • Is PixelWizard still making C64C cases?

    They never did - we made them, and Pixelwizard distributed them, because we couldn't handle parcels of this volume here. Unfortunately, Pixelwizard can't continue handling these large-volume packages due to health reasons. The pixelwizard shop remains open and still sells all other (small) parts they sold before, but they just can't do the cases any more.

    We agreed that they'd continue "while possible" until the boxes run out. Customers may have noticed that dispatching their orders may have taken longer than expected - this transitional period is the explanation for that. We have now moved all the cases to our premises and we're busy making new boxes - and this will take at least 10 weeks, because due to COVID-19, lots of businesses are going "distant selling", so box makers have a hard time even getting the raw materials, let alone spare machine-time to make small-scale contracts like the one for us. We've also just increased stock volume and changed the shipping procedure substantially to handle large-volume parcels on a daily basis - bear with us, we're on it!

    Please monitor the shop: Once the cases are offered there, you can tick the box "product-related news" (or whatever I have labelled it, forgot). You see that box on all products when you're logged in. If you don't have a member account yet, please make one. Note that the shop system has a different user database from this support forum, so you need to make a separate login on the shop page.

  • Delays here and there - but overall, we're making progress. The top half of the cases has been re-worked, especially around the "POWER"-LED outlet, as previous repairs of the tooling have been made in a hurry and with total lack of respect for what these people have been working on.

    Luckily, this is different with the new injection molding company - the persons involved know what historic meaning these toolings have, and they did surprise me earlier this week with a *very* nice sample of the top half:

    The letters were previously not as sharp as this, and they were relatively flat.

    Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the boxes will be different from what we had previously: With so many businesses going online-selling (due to Covid-19), the market for packing material is booming, and machines are running 24/7 to keep up with the demand. As a result, machines that can make printed boxes of this size are booked out for more than half a year in the future, so we're taking a short cut now: The box will be white, and there will be Commodore stickers on them with the known blue-red design. One large sticker on the top, and a small one on the side.

    Our shipping procedure has been upgraded to also handle bigger boxes like the C64c case boxes - and it's been put to the test with the Eizo monitors that we're currently selling. This is working nicely, ready for prime time with the C64c cases.

    I really don't want to promise too much, and I hate to keep everyone waiting. However, it looks like "this quarter" is a realistic timeframe for the first shipments. However, I will not take any pre-orders unless we have all components here. I won't take any delivery dates from service companies any more - they're not accurate in this economic environment anyway.

  • I won't be able to offer such a mount kit, as we neither have a 3D printer here, nor do we have the expertise to design such gear. Once again, the Pixelwizard shop remains open, and we encourage you to buy these things from them. The one and only reason for us taking over shipments of these cases is that Pixelwizard cannot handle the large volume boxes any more.

    will there be any updates for Ultimate 64 Eite users in this reworked cases ?

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. U64 Elite boards are (to my knowledge) not available (yet), and I don't know what modifications they require in terms of case.

    Is your Commodore 12V PSU compatible with U64 boards ?

    I tried to find out the specs of the U64 power supply, but couldn't find anything on Gideon's shop page. I know that Tobias has a U64 in his private collection - maybe he can shed some light on this.

  • Oh, and to stay on topic: The "outer boxes" that we'll use to protect the Commodore case box have arrived today. Just to confirm: Our packing will always include an outer box. We will not use the Commodore box as shipping box.

    Next bit we're expecting is sticker samples from a company that can make all the "special requirements". Although the stickers on the top half will most likely stay in an indoor environment, I wanted them to be "outdoor quality" with UV protection, so the colours of the stickers will not age, even if exposed to sunlight for a few years. I figured if the plastic of the cases have this property, the stickers should have that, too. This was not a guaranteed thing for the stickers that Pixelwizard has used (at least not in the paperwork from the service company that they recommended), so we went to find a better source. Samples of these stickers are expected late next week.

  • Quote

    U64 Elite boards are (to my knowledge) not available (yet), and I don't know what modifications they require in terms of case.

    They are available... iirc there are only some detail differences to the regular board, like ZIF sockets for the SIDs. I dont know how they would need a modified case either. I have a regular U64 board in a regular "Breadbox" case, and that worked without modifying anything (nor extra mounting things).

    As for the Powersupply, i am using the same PSU for U64 and C64R/C64RMK2, ie 12V/2000mA. I dont remember if the one on my desk is the one that came with the C64R or the U64 (or if i even got one with the U64) :)

  • I orderd everything i need to mount the U64 and C64R2 at Pixelwizard together with the C64c cases.

    Both C64U and U64 Elite will fit in every C64 case. No need for modding, only the correct mounting for the keyboard in case of a c64c case.

    The U64 will come with its own PSU. I label my PSU's. But as Tobias mentioned, there the same.

  • Hello,

    Will you also be selling the transparent cases, or only the opaque coloured?


    Please monitor the shop: Once the cases are offered there, you can tick the box "product-related news" (or whatever I have labelled it, forgot). You see that box on all products when you're logged in.

    Is there such a page up yet for the cases?

  • Will you also be selling the transparent cases, or only the opaque coloured?

    Yes, we'll have transparent cases as well. And our case stickers will have a slightly different (probably "more original") silver-label-like design. We've analyzed quite a few pictures of the original silver label, and found that Pixelwizard's version is missing a detail :-)

    No product page up yet. I'd like to have the final stickers before I take pictures.

  • I’ve managed to bring my “spares” board back from the dead, 🥳, still a CIA issue to resolve but other than that, I’m happy. Eagerly awaiting the return of the C64 cases so I can get this one up and running and added to the collection.

  • We've just had a setback yesterday afternoon: Stickers arrived, put them on to verify colours, found that they only need slight adjustment under the high-performance protection foil (I have decided to not only go with "outdoor-quality, UV-resistant", but with a matte-finish protection foil that's meant for car foils). That's not the setback, though! I really like the quality of the new stickers, but the tape that I initially wanted to use to hold the two case parts together is not good for the job. See picture: The tape is meant to be a no-residue type, but the fine print says "must be removed within 4 weeks". This one has been on for just over six weeks, and the residue is really bad.

    If even the expensive stuff that actually has the promise of "no residue" must be removed that quickly, then tape can't be the solution. I do want to strap the two parts together, slightly shifted against each other, so the small plastic pecks and notches are protected in transport. We have now ordered a few samples of rubber bands without plasticizers and see how that holds. Normal rubber bands are using plasticizers to keep them flexible, but these plasticizers would likely migrate into the plastic of the C64 case, possibly causing the colour to change. Since in the retro market, we need to keep in mind that stock may be waiting more than two years to be moved, and customers are possibly buying for adding to a collection, even waiting several months to unpack the cases, we have to carefully choose materials that withstand such delays.

  • Maybe a stretch film (pallet film) is an alternative?

    We quickly dropped that idea yesterday, as a) these contain high amounts of plasticizers and b) they are hard to remove, prompting the customer to use a sharp knife, which may result in scratching the brand new case.

    We're evaluating two routes at the moment - both look promising.

  • I really prefer to ship "all cases at equal quality level". Right now, I only have a few samples of the stickers (these have just arrived with express), and they are plain awesome. This high-performance automitive-grade protection foil with matte finish perfectly aligns with the surface of the cases, and now on this second sample run, colours are correct and the silver background of the transparent is not as shiny as it was on the first sample run (that simply did not match the "silver label" look that collectors of that original breadbox case are appreciating).

    I especially like the level of detail that Malik from Schlicht&Ergreifend has put into making the silver label version. Note that the "body" of the "6" is slightly flat at the bottom, resembling the original silver labels a bit more than what was previously shipped with the transparent cases.

  • WHAT ???
    No ReLoaded label....


    Just screw a translucent case together, pop it in a thick paper bag and ship it to me in Canada. :D

    I mean, no ReLoaded label, so I guess I don't need to wait for a label...

    I'm gonna use the case as soon as it arrives, so I don't need archival grade tape, elastic bands, plastic wrap or rarified air in a special cardboard box made from recycled opossums or whatever you're planning.

    Speaking of...the box is going straight into the trash burning barrel, once I've fished the case out, so please don't put much effort into it the box on my account :)


    Average customer looking for a replacement case...

    (obviously you are going to do whatever you want...I'm just giving you another perspective)