Indivision ECS V2 screen issue

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  • Hello,

    I bought this Indivision ECS v2 unit and have some problems with it.

    I got some screen corruption/garbage with Indivions ECS v2 installed on my A600 rev 1.3, motherboard capacitors are replaced.

    No matter if i use KS 3.1 or KS 3.1.4 ROMs and tested also with two different brands SD-cards for hard drive.

    I also have Furia accelerator installed and read over Internet that it should work together with Indivision ECS v2.

    If i do not install Indivision and use cable RGB-out to Scart input, screen is ok.

    If i install Indivision, RGB-out to Scart and also VGA got some corruption/garbage to the screen.

    I installed new power supply Meanwell RT-50B, result are same but if i adjust +5V like from 5.00 to 5.10 or 5.20 i got more screen corruption/garbage.

    I measured from floppy power connector and adjust power +5V output to +5.3V so its +5V inside Amiga.

    Then its much worse than use just +5.0V for power supply output voltage.

    At 4.7V its seems to work better but then mouse doesn't work.

    I also tested using ATX 250W power supply but results are same.

    The screen garbage are sometimes instantly present when A600 starts, so its not yet overheating.

    No matter if i setup resolution say 800x600 or 1024x768 from settings, screen problems are still present.

    I have grounded Indivision ECS v2 with supplied cable also but same problem again.

    Indi_ECS_V2_Hotfix_3-jan-19.lha flashed this package RBF file but it didn't resolve the problem.

    Any good tips would be helpful.

  • Since you have tried all the power supplies that we recommend to avoid (such as ATX, which is truly dangerous to the computer), I'd say that using a proper PSU will solve most, if not all your poroblems. You might, however, want to try cleaning the connector for the memory expansion, as that may have collected some dirt over the years. The corruption in your last picture shows a distinct limit somewhere at the bottom of the screen, which might be the transistion from internal to external memory. If external memory is not working right or has contact problems, you may see this kind of corruption. BTW, what expansion is this? Please mention the warranty ID.

    The original PSU may need a re-cap, so unless you can measure ripple, you can't say for sure if this is good.

    As for the "hot fix" file: That's from 2019. Please don't use that any more - use the latest flash tool and update the firmware.

  • Thanks for your answer. If i remember right when i was testing this, the last picture was when using Amiga power supply and unit has not flashed yet. Later i noticed some whistling noise of power supply, maybe coils and stop using that anymore (it didn't do that first). Memory expansion unit is eX601n, i have cleaned the contacts of isopropyl alcohol. ECS warranty sticker says GT+0e. I was thinking to recap the Amiga power supply but that might be waste of time/money if there is something else bad on psu component board.

  • I tryed with two different memory testing programs, they didn't find any errors (+4 hours of running).

    Don't have a diagrom and this is only Amiga also, so i can't test it with other machine.

    Anyway, i ordered other used original Amiga PSU to test with it, i will also replace all the capacitors to new ones.

    I might get PSU during next week so i will report then if it works any better with ECS unit installed.

  • Once again, please turn to the vendor of the memory expansion. I can only assume that they did not route a vital signal to the Indivision socket that lets us sense that Indivision ECS V2 is installed in an A600, where a real Denise is also in the system. Note that this is an assumption - I do not have access to one of those expansions, and I can't even say if it is potentially harmful to Indivision ECS V2. Heck, I didn't even know that a copy of the A604 and successors exists - you can't possibly expect me to do product support for this.

  • thanks for your reply, should work what i got... too bad that i don't have other A600 motherboard to test if this have some kind of failure onboard? i can buy your expansion unit and try with that, not a problem. but then i don't know howto proceed if these graphics errors popup again.

  • but then i don't know howto proceed if these graphics errors popup again.

    EUrope is on your side here: If it doesn't work, you ship the unit back and get your money back - that's called "right of revocation". You do lose return shipping cost, but I'd say it's well worth it knowing for sure that your board is at fault vs. an uncertain "the expansion may or may not be at fault". And there's still the possibility of everything just working out nicely :-)

  • I have now installed A604n expansion, power on and got solid grey square on center of the screen and grey vertical stripes on both sides.

    After power off and try again display was normal, so it was just one time of that grayish screen.

    Firstly i noticed that Indivision video output moved little bit to the left on screen, couple of lines what i adjusted with old expansion unit installed.

    I have power on machine many times for now and running with it and it's looking stable with zero graphics issues.

    I ordered CA-PSU anyway to protect Amiga for good. I tested powering with re-capped Amiga PSU and its working also with that.

    Finally the original memory expansion unit was faulty or doesn't work with my hardware somehow.

    I think this issue are now resolved and thanks for help :thumbup: