Buddha 20 Year anniversary, black screen after ? Flashing.

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  • I have had the Buddha since June 2020 and its worked with no problems :).

    I needed to do some thing with my DF0 on my Amiga 2000 rev 6.2 as the drive was playing up =O, fitted new one in the end and also decided to fit a compact flash card but the Buddha could not see it :rolleyes:.

    I re-installed my original hard drive and that worked great :), so while that was in i decided to flash the buddha in case that was the problem.

    I down loaded the flash tool( Bflashtool.lha) and the bin file (Buddha_52-101.bin) Started My Amiga 2000 holding the right mouse button down and the 2000 started but i did not see a black and green screen, tried again and again but could not see any difference in start up :|, so opened a shell screen and did the flash command and nothing seemed to happen after pressing return the cursor just went to the next line i waited for a while but nothing was happening, so tried again finger on right mouse button switch off back on and i have a black screen every time i switch it on with the 20 year buddha in, if i take it out the Amiga boots if i put my phoenix buddha in with the same hard drive it boots normally but with the 20 year Buddha in black screen :cursing:.

    I don`t think i ever got in to flash mode:/ , and i don`t think it flashed under shell as it never asked for conformation :/but some think happened as it now appears to be bricked :cursing: any advise please

    The only thing that may have happened :(is i used the wrong flash tool as i down loaded the tools to do my Phoenix at a later date , could you tell me if that`s what i did please and how to fix it, Thank you.:thumbup:

  • The wrong flash tool may not do permanent damage to the flash of the 20-year edition. Can you really keep the computer from booting if you only have the controller installed, no drive connected? You can always attempt a fresh flash from a floppy-booted system. Further, there may still be a way to keep the nibble-loader from starting the flashed ROM - I faintly remember that holding the joystick button during power-up stops execution of the nibble-loader, but I am not sure if this remained in for the production ROMs. Worth a try, though.

  • Hi Jens sorry ;(but still no boot with 20 year plugged in, the screen goes brighter after a couple of seconds and that`s all, unplugged every thing but 20 year controller and floppy still no boot , I did have some pictures but the files were to big and its late to change them unless you really need to see them :rolleyes:, tried the joy stick fire button press that still did not boot ;(, tried another A2000 motherboard today just in case it was some thing to do with that, but no as soon as i plug the 20 year controller in the machine, no boot just a black screen but with the phoenix plugged in its place that boots and loads from hard drive or if needed floppy drive :/.

  • Yes I am :), at the minute repairing an Amiga 4000 removed all components around battery area, and a 500+ battery damage and I have programmed chips with the TL866 putting OS 3.1.4 and Diagrom on AM27c4000 chips , but I'm no expert ,learning all the time , and I do have a plcc ic extractor .

  • Not sure if i understood the "Initial" argument bit but booted A 2000 with controller in, less chip, got shell ready with command ready then inserted the chip and pressed return and it came back

    "controller not found", had 3 attempts , whats my next step please.

    sorry for all the hassle on this Jens

  • "controller not found",

    That's because the chip is not inserted. The flash tool, however, has a way to talk to the controller even when autoconfig did not happen yet, and you will activate it with the added argument "initial" (I believe that's it not near an Amiga right now; if that doesn't work, use the argument "?" to list all possible arguments).

  • Hi Jens and Thank you.

    Sorry for the confusion I was putting the chip in before initializing , worked it out today initialize then put chip in and we are now up and running.

    so thank you again for your dedication your reply speed which was magnificent and your expertise, in these troubled times to be honest i thought i would be sending the card back when possible and waiting 2 to 3 months to get it sorted .

    I would like to buy some Amiga hardware from you when possible so will keep an eye out for the say so once you have it all sorted.


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