Chameleon Core update 9l released

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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.
  • Happy new year everyone - as promised here is another monthly update!

    Besides a couple REU detail fixes, this update corrects a sprite collision bug, which fixes the following games:

    ... and likely more that suffered from the same bugs.

    As we are running out of non working "real world" programs, we'd again like to encourage Chameleon owners to report anything that is still wrong after the update. Please check the wiki to see which issues we already know about.

    The changes in detail:

    As usual get the update on the Chameleon wiki page.

    Have fun!

  • After the Firmware Update Chameleon Beta-9l release (January 28th 2021) to my both Turbo Chameleon's, v1 and V2 are now since the Update the RR-NET MK3's not "Detectable" anymore.
    Still listed with the MAC address, but unavailable and grey'd out in the Cartridge menue. A downgrade to earlier versions of the Firmware (and I tried each back to 9g), did not solve the problem !!!!

    I need support here, please!!

  • Don't panic - there is no way to permanently damge anything with an upgrade.

    You should be able to fix it simply by "upgrading" to a previous firmware. If you are doing this by copying the update to a SD card, make sure the SD card does not contain the old UPDATE folder before you copy it over. To be really sure the SD card isnt the problem , use a freshly formatted one.

  • Thank you for th quick reply, Tobias. The issue is now fixed with the downgrade.
    Loading WarpCopy2SRV from Disk detects the RR-NET MK3. And after that it was found by the TC64 again as well. Thanks.

  • Please also try again with 9l - it really should work (i am using warpcopy myself all the time). Perhaps by accident the update files got mixed up with those from an older update, or something like that.