P96 V3.02 released

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  • Changes in 3.0.2:

    - Added a new flag to indicate that the sprite resolution is halfed horizontally on double-clocked rates. This corrects the "hot spot" of the mouse pointer with Cirrus GD5434 chips.

    - Computation of the total required video RAM for enabling the screen dragging was not correct, and did not take alignment requirements of screens into account. This was fixed now.

    - The Z-III configuration of the CyberVision3D was not in the database of the installer script and thus failed to install the required components.

    - The S3Virge.chip driver was still delivered with a major version of 7, though the major version should have been 42.

    - Apparently, the legacy VGA engine of the S3 Virge chip has problems pipelining its data while the blitter is accessing the video RAM. The new driver therefore only enables the blitter if the stream processor is enabled as well, which happens for non-double-clocked, non-double-scan video modes and if no screen dragging is in process.

    - The rtg.library did not accept a LoadModule'd version of the graphics library as original and thus recognized it as "patched" by the P5 CVisionPPC driver, disabling the native modes.

    - The 3DLabsPermedia2 driver is now more careful reseting the chip which could create (physical) bus errors while the chip is still busy performing the reset.

    - Due to a missing bracket, the 3DLabsPermedia2 driver was still not installed along with the CVisionPPC card driver.

    The new version can be downloaded for free in the order history if your P96 purchase is less than one year ago.