UK shipping

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  • Jens

    I'm going to try a proxy service to purchase the Ace2b

    Any ideas what I'm supposed to put in the Article field? also could you look at the screen shot and let me know if I have any of the other details incorrect.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Jens, I don't want to say something wrong so apologies in advance. But what if you use again some old or new reseller in the UK and leave to it all frustration for the paperwork, that by the way, are less in B2B?

  • I am still working with AmigaKit in the UK, but there are customs regulations as well. If a shipment is over 1000,- EUR, you must announce it to German customs and keep it available for inspection for a week. The unfortunate part is that you can't just split shipments to be under 1000,- EUR, as the rules apply to all shipments combined over a given amount of time. With these rules containing wording that can be seen "this or that way" (key word would translate to "connected shipments"), I always have to see it from a customs officer's point of view.

    There is one thing I've learned in the past 25 years: The customs officer is always right. There is no arguing.

  • Jens can you sell on ebay, obviously factor in ebay and PayPal fees into your pricing model. I understand that ebay takes care of the VAT and will present UK buyers with the price with VAT added.

    Will amigakit be stocking the ACA1260 as I imagine they won't if its a premium priced product.

  • Will amigakit be stocking the ACA1260

    I started this one back when I also worked on the ACA500plus - and I was in serious financial trouble, with no help from any reseller in sight. As long-term observers might have noticed, 2015/2016 were the years when I started turning away from "Jens takes all the risk and keeps stock for resellers while doing all the support for for them".

    So yes, AmigaKit can buy the ACA1240/1260 from us, but no, not with a reseller margin.

    Fees for eBay and their VAT service are actually higher than if you're using a German proxy.

  • Ok, so my Ace2b arrived today, here's what I had to do

    • Registered with MyGermany Proxy shipping website, they provide you with a german address
    • Log on the MyGermany website that you are expecting a parcel
    • Buy your item in the IComp shop, set billing address as your home address and the shipping address as the one provided by MyGermany
    • Wait for the parcel to arrive at the MyGermany warehouse and be processed (this took 2 weeks, apparently because of bad weather and covid restrictions)
    • They weigh the parcel and set the price for shipping (was 30 euros)
    • One week later the parcel arrived here

    All in all took 3 weeks to receive the item and an additional 30 euros

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Thanks for the information, I'm glad you had a good experience with them. It doesn't sound like too much of a hassle which is great news, I might give it a go myself later today. Did you have to pay both German, and UK VAT or just one?

  • Congratulations on receiving your order. I'd order an Ace2b (and other things) in a heartbeat if I didn't have the risk of paying double the VAT and shipping / insurance with multiple couriers. I'd imagine it would get interesting if the package got lost or damaged at some point on its journey using multiple couriers. If direct UK shipping ever gets sorted then I imagine there will be a surge in orders, at least from me.

  • Its 30 euros and its insured and tracked, I wouldn't be put off. Yes it would be better if it was shipped direct, but it is what it is. At least we can still get these items.

  • MikeVee

    I've registered, paid my one Euro. I have my "German" address.

    Bit confused by these steps you wrote.

    • Log on the MyGermany website that you are expecting a parcel

    ^^ I cant see to tell see where I tell them I'm expecting a parcel. Is that the add new delivery box ?

    • Buy your item in the IComp shop, set billing address as your home address and the shipping address as the one provided by MyGermany

    ^^ According to there instructions, you do this first or do this not matter ?