BigRamPlus and Cyberstorm MK1 040

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  • Hi there,

    I recently got hold of a Cyberstorm MK1 040@40 for my A4000d. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work when a BigRamPlus is installed in the same system (no boot, not even an early boot menu). Removing the BigRamPlus results in a booting system. Replacing the Cyberstorm with an A3660 (and keeping the BigRamPlus) also works fine. Is there a known incompatibility between the Cyberstorm and BigRamPlus?

    System details: Buster 11, ZZ9000 RTG, X-Surf 100 + RapidRoad and A4091 scsi controller. Motherboard is a rev B and has been recapped/repaired last year.

  • There is no known incompatibilty. However, there are lots of jumpers that could be set wrong. The old Cyberstorm requires setting mainboard clock jumpers to "external" if I remember right. This may result in overclocking the bus from it's standard 25MHz, which is not compatible with BigRamPlus.

    Also, with the amount of Z3 cards in your system, you may need to do some card shuffling to find a card order that gives you the least amount of required address space. I don't know what kind of config method is used by the Cyberstorm (never owned one!), but if that's Z3, you might be looking at "not enough bits to store a higher address". However, this is all secondary - double-check clocking first, as the Cyberstorm may even work with wrong jumper settings - we've had such cases before.

  • The motherboard jumpers are both set to ‘INT’ (as the manual describes: INT for 040@40, EXT for 040@25 and 060@50. Setting them to ‘EXT’ results in a black screen and a non-booting computer.

    I have yet to try shuffling the boards - will report back.

  • Hi Jens,

    issue wasn’t resolved, and I ended up temporarily removing the BigRamPlus from the system. Running an older version of the ZZ9000 firmware is also an option, because it doesn’t include the 256 MB Z3 ram. Maybe a future firmware will resolve the issue, but then again: how much memory does one need in an Amiga :)