Choice of power supply

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  • Hi,

    I have my Rapid Road in a checkmate case running off the clockport of my a1200. I do not use the floppy pass through as the floppy drive is powered off the PSU. The PSU I am using is a silverstone ST30SF

    Currently I have the RapidRoad powered from the floppy power connector on the motherboard. Am I better doing this or running it directly off the PSU - or is there no difference?


  • Please check our power supply FAQ. We generally recommend to avoid ATX power supplies. Technical data of the PSU in question shows that 5V is not the main regulation rail, which makes is plain unsuitable for an Amiga. Expect trouble, going up to destroying your RapidRoad due to bad regulation of the 5V rail.

    While the relatively low ripple of the PSU you've linked to might seem to be good, there's still two more key specifications from Commodore that need to be met. With 5% regulation tolerance, you have at least one spec that's violated, so checking the other ones is of no use any more.

    One more time, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. You're just asking for trouble.

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