aca500plus freezes 28mhz? A3 in display

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  • hi everybody and jens.
    first happy new year.

    i have a problem with my aca500plus,ever since i installed my ecs v2 i get an error on my aca500plus when clocking 28 or 42mhz that says a3??
    so i thought it might be the ecs v2 so i pulled it out and switched it with the original denise and still not able to clock 28mhz or 42mhz it totaly freezes ???
    i was able to clock it before hours upon hours of gaming no problems,what happened? am i doing something wrong?? please help.
    kind greetings marco sukel


    plus 1mb
    ecs v2

  • Overclocking is not a guaranteed feature. It seems like you've run the thing "on the edge" all the time, and the added power consumption of the flicker fixer has pushed supply voltage down enough to make the CPU fail at higher frequencies. You might want to look at a proper power supply, such as our CA-PSU - it's the only one on the market that measures load and compensates for the loss on the cable and in the input filter of the computer. As a result, the voltage that *arrives* in the computer is guaranteed to be within Commodore's specifications - this is not the case for any of the other power supplies that are currently offered as "for the Amiga" (yes, that's false advertising by those other companies).

  • thanks for your fast response,does that mean its broken now? or is my power supply broken? it worked many times before,and i didnt play on 42 all the time,sometimes on 28 for a longer period (say half an hour sometimes little longer )lots of hours, in total to be clear on that.

    i have this power supply(see attachment),it was 35 euro and has a lot of amps,i bought it from so before i buy one from you i need to know if it will work again with a new one?

  • one thing i forgot if i put the old denise in and remove the ecs v2,so the voltage drop should be gone and the aca500plus should be able to run on 28 again,correct me if i am wrong,but it still freezes ??

  • That Cosco PSU with the fake/unlicensed Commodore sticker has already been debunked as "not suitable for the Amiga". See my seminar for Revision last year. You better send that thing back to the vendor and claim your money back - it was sold to you with false advertising, as it violates three out of three key specifications from Commodore. It is NOT suitable for an Amiga, just because it was modified to have the connector.

    No, your accelerator is not broken - yet. The Cisco PSU showed a very dangerous behaviour on overload, and that's the so-called "hickup mode". It might actually kill modern CMOS hardware if overloaded.

    so the voltage drop should be gone and the aca500plus should be able to run on 28 again,correct me if i am wrong,but it still freezes ??

    It shouldn't have worked in the first place. Your power supply is putting all your accessories and a classic computer at risk. It is known-bad. Don't continue to use it. Use the original PSU instead, or buy a CA-PSU if you're serious about preserving your hardware.

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