Any tips on fixing my 1600x1200 EDID?

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  • Hi,

    I am just trying to get my monitors native resolution to work on my MK3, but as you can see it causes strange horizontal lines. I have tried different HDMI cables. Currently using a very high quality gold Belkin. I am sure it is something in my settings that must be causing it. I am using HDMI>DVI (no converter or adaptor, all one cable) & have made sure to tick 'pure DVI mode' in the settings. I also tried to set up on another monitor and was getting similar issues at the 1600x1200 edid on that one too (made sure to dl the new edid in the options etc). Not sure what is wrong...

    My main monitor for Amiga is an NEC Multisync LCD2170NX

  • This indeed looks like an error introduced by the cable. 162MHz pixel clock is near the limit of what the encoder of Indivision AGA MK3 can do (165MHz limit), but "near" doesn't mean "beyond". It does work well for us and many other customers, and I would not look for the fault in the monitor either.

    Instead, I'd first like to know what kind of power supply you are using. The higher the pixel clock, the higher the power consumption of Indivision AGA MK3 - resulting in more heat inside the computer. The encoder may just get too hot if you have covered it with a CF-card, for example.

    Last not least, I wouldn't trust any "high quality cable" just because it's an expensive brand that comes in fancy packing. A shorter cable, maybe even a cheaper brand, may do the trick. Since HDMI is differential signalling, even bad cables will work surprisingly well, but if TMDS signalling fails, it fails horribly, like in your case. So if you can borrow another cable - even with adapter - it's worth a try, just to see if the behaviour changes.

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