rapidroadxs100usb.device Error with AmigaOS4.1FE

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  • I'm not able to get the RapidRoad to work with Poseidon as I'm getting this error.

    9:09 PM| 0-poseidon.library: New hardware DEVS:USBHardware/rapidroadxs100usb.device/0 added (RapidRoadUSB Host Controller).

    9:09 PM| 5-poseidon.library: GET_DESCRIPTOR (len 8) failed: packet overflow (7)

    9:09 PM| 10-poseidon.library: GET_DESCRIPTOR (len 8) failed: packet overflow (7)

    9:09 PM| 20-poseidon.library: Device enumeration failed, sorry.

    9:09 PM| 20-poseidon.library: Root hub enumeration failed. Blame your hardware driver programmer.

  • No problems here using my clockport rapid road with OS4.1beta. Try to completely remove posiedon and reinstall. Also you could try adding the drivers to the blacklist in compatibility prefs so that the drivers are not using the 68K JIT emulator.

    OS4.1 sirion usbstack only has a driver for the highway controller in classics.

    If you have installed 4.1 Final Update 2. Rollback to Update1 to see if its down to the kickstart module update and if so post on hyperion forum.

  • I have a problem software with cybppc.device and AmigaOS 4.1 FE :
    When It's run the AmigaOS 4.1 Kickstart, the new cybppc.device of the cyberstormppc doesn' t work anymore ...

    You're in the wrong support forum - we do NOT support any PPC OS. Please turn to Hyperion for this.

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