Buddha Flash cable?

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  • Hello,

    I purchased the Buddha anniversary edition from the icomp.de store quite a while ago. I have been waiting for the flash update cable to arrive in the mail but it never comes. How can I get this cable so I can finally start using my new Buddha :/ ?

    Thank you,


  • All cables have been shipped, so either yours is lost in the mail, it has slipped our attention that you need one, or you really don't need one. I'll need your order ID or invoice number (preferred) to find out what happened.

  • Indeed, a cable for this order has not been shipped.

    We can ship one today. Can you make a bootable floppy disk from the file in the Wiki, or do you even have a floppy drive emulator that will help performing the task?

  • I can see in your user account that your details haven't changed, so we'll ship out a cable this week. A lot of work has piled up these past few days, so please allow a day or two until we can process this. All employees are back on the job starting today, and that pile of work is getting smaller already :-)

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