Indivision ECS V2 ghosting

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  • Hi,

    Yesterday i recieved my Indivision ECS V2 :). I replaces the original Indivision ECS with the new one in my amiga 500.

    First thing i noticed is "ghosting".

    Note that i dont have this issue with my Indivision ECS V1 with the exact same setup.

    Some details:

    - I use normally a custom build PSU , but also tried an original recapped commodore amiga 500 PSU.

    - The VGA cable is a high quality one (short in length , shielded and with ferret coils).

    The rest of the setup :

    - ACA500+

    - X-Surf-500

    - ACA1233n

    - RTC

    Afcource i also tried without any other extentions and with other monitors and cables.

    Using scanline emulation its less noticeble, but this does not help in interlaced mode.

    When reinstalling my old indivision the ghosting is gone.

    At the moment i'm clueless what's causing the ghosting. Some one any idea what i can try?

  • Add me to the list.. I too have this problem. Just like the pictures Licet posted above. And if something moves around on a solid color background with specific colors, it is quite distracting. ?( I surely hope this can be fixed, because this is the only thing stopping me from enjoying this otherwise fantastic product.

    EDIT: I'm assuming the picture on the RGB port is generated by the ECSv2 as well, since Denise is removed. The ghosting is not present on the RGB port - only the VGA output.

  • hmm i actually didnt try the RGB, didnt expect to need it any more, so i already took my RGB monitor to the storage :)

    I hope that some technician from Individual computers can help us resolving this issue..

  • Ghosting here on Dell U2420f. Installed in A500. It is minor and I plan to try a couple other monitors I have around to make sure it isn't the Dell. No noise or artifacts on Amiga RGB. I can post a pic if it would help.

  • I haven't done in-depth testing yet, but I'm seeing similar on-screen artifacts. I'm currently running the VGA output to a Gefen MFP (rather expensive video & audio switcher) and then out via HDMI to an LCD monitor.

  • I have the same issue. Here are two more photos to hopefully clarify the issue.

    My settings are the default VESA 1280x1024 and 640x512 PAL, shown on a native 1280x1024 LCD.

    On the first photo, the text in the menu bar is smeared horizontally to the right: The black font has a washed out shadow to the right, and the top left of the 'h' has the white pixels on its left bleeding into it:

    The other photo shows disk icons bleeding several pixels into a window border:

  • I also am seeing ghosting.

    My setup is an A600 with the Indivision ECS V2 connected through a A604n. I had to isolate one of the pins as described in another thread to prevent screen corruption but once I did that things were working fine, apart from the ghosting. I have updated to the latest firmware (3 Jan 2019 hot fix). Display is a BenQ 19inch 1280x1024 LCD and I do not see ghosting when I connect the Amiga directly to the monitor via the Amiga RGB.

    There don't seem to be any replies from staff regarding this issue, is it being investigated?


  • There's a thread in the German part where I promised to look into this. It's been crazy this week because of Chameleon V2 deliveries, and it doesn't appear to stop. I'll have to push this "in between" all the work, as there are quite a few reports now.

  • Hello Jens, that is great, thank you. For my part I was just wanting to know if you had seen the comments or not.

    I appreciate how busy you must be with all the recent activity so am I happy to wait until you can find some time to look into this.

    Apart from the ghosting the V2 is working well so thanks for a great product and support.

  • I as well have ghosting on my IndiECS V2. Yet testing my 4 flatscreen monitors, then I found that the monitor have a lot to say. Shure the VGA cable or something else, might have a lot to say, yet the monitor is a factor as well.

    My testing:

    - Samsung Syncmaster 172v are horrible in 72hz. Can not do 50hz.

    - Sony XDM-X95K are even more horrible (works perfect in 50hz and as a PC monitor)

    - IBM ThinkVision L170 are nearly ghosting free, and is the one that works best for me.

    - IBM ThinkVision L190 gives much the same image, yet have a tendency to not display centered image.

    Hope this can give some help to people.

  • Thanks - I did try to measure ringing on the RGB lines last weekend, but could not see anything on the scope, and also no ghosting on my BenQ. I do have a total of Samsung screens here that I could try - good to know that they show "most" ghosting.

  • The most annoying with the samsung that I have. Is that the monitor can not do autoconfigure decent enough to run at 72 or 73 hz (I can not remember what it was). And the image is somewhat fuzzy. It has ghosting much like people here report.

    You need a good quality monitor is my guess. Now I do not know what exact quality my IBM Thinkvision L170 is rated at. (low, mid or high quality). Yet strange enough, the L190 is displaying a picture much like the one not_budda have posted, as my L170 only ghosts one to one and a half millimeter to the right.

  • I think a high quality and well shielded VGA cable is something that have to be used as well. Yet that is only guessing on my behalf.

  • I tried several monitors from LG and samsung and some tv's from Samsung, Telefunken and LG, al give me ghosting. I have no benq to try..

    When i install my old indivision ECS, i see no ghosting at all. I think i can safely say that things like the amiga itself and the PSU are ruled out.

    The ghosting is most obvious some centimeters to the right. When looking realy good its there for about 1/3 of the screen width.

    Its most noticeble with the standard workbench 3.1 colors and no backdrop.

    When i put the background color to black, i also see no ghosting, only 1 extra pixel when a horizontal row of white pixels is used.

    If i start AIBB i see no ghosting. But the intro of turrican 3 i see ghosting . The background is dark gray, not black, all moving parts here give more or less ghosting.

    In the intro of brion the lion i see no ghosting, i expected to see due to the high contrast of the moving tekst. Again no ghosting with black a background.