Indivision ECS V2 ghosting

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  • Not looked at this demo, but you could not miss the ghosting on the V2, no sign of it on the V1 or the ScanPlus

    Appreciate the tip regards copper tape, but the V1 copes fine without it.

    As there is no ghosting on the V1 I'll wait until the V2 patch board is available then decide which one has the better overall picture then sell the runner up.

    What Amiga are you using ECS V1/ECS V2 in?

  • I thought I'd reinvigorate this thread a bit. I've also been experiencing ghosting with the Indivision ECS V2, and although it can be considered "tolerable", I expected better. This is the only iComp product I'm not completely happy with, and my A500 is pretty stacked with iComp products (ACA500plus, ACA1221lc, ACE2, A512, RTC module, CA-PSU).

    I tried pretty much all fixes suggested in this thread (thanks everybody), without any noticeable improvement. I'd be in the market for the mentioned hardware mod.