Running Whichamiga trashes the rtg screen

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  • When whichamiga is run in the RTG mode the whole screen gets irrecoverably trashed, and Amiga becomes frozen. It's not happening when in native modes such as PAL or NTSC

  • I'm not posting here to blame one side or another, since I don't have the time to dig into this issue at this time, I'm just trying to raise awareness. The source code for whichamiga is available on aminet. Thanks.

  • Thank you Apolkosnik I was about to reload my machine thinking it was a miss load of something now I know to not use Which Amiga LOL. I he listens to you Jens that would be nice to see it updated and running on our wonderful P96

  • Unfortunately, I can confirm that WhichAmiga and P96 don't like to cooperate very well.

    Very unsatisfying day 1 of using P96 in year 25 of using graphics cards in my Amiga.

  • WhichAmiga uses some weird hacks to identify certain pieces of hardware. The author does not seem to be in the Amiga realm any more, so it's hard to get him to fix that. It's certainly nothing that we can take care of on the P96 side - dealing with broken 3rd party software is not part of our job.