Indivision ECS v2. 1.3 A500. Config problem. Single floppy & no harddrive.

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  • Hello Jens,

    Thanks for making such great products!! I use the first Indivision for the A1200 (the VGA one), and it works great. Also have the first C64 Reloaded, and am enjoying that as well! Anyway, I hope you have some info regarding my current problem here.

    I'm using a normal A500 with kick 1.3, 512k chip, 512k "fast". Just got the ECS v2 card (thank you!), and installed it easily without any problems. It seems to work great! But running the config tool turned out to be a bit of a problem for me.

    Firstly, I had no idea that the config tool required a 2.0x kickstart. I don't see it mentioned on the sales page. But I was extremely lucky to have an A600 in storage, and used the kickstart chip from there (would just swap back to 1.3 when configured). Now.. I have NO harddrive environment for the A500, and no external floppy drives either. But managed to get the config tool files on another floppy (with my A1200, which has HD). So I boot the Workbench 2.05, and then insert the disk with the config tool. Running it requires the Workbench disk once more, and then the config disk again. No problem with that, and then the config tool starts.

    The basic problem is, that the config tool is acting unstable. It can suddenly stop reacting to my mouse clicks, so I have to reboot. Another thing is, that the settings I change in "(Advanced) Options" are ignored. I go in there and untick eg. Powersave, and click "Okay". I go in there right after, and it's enabled again. Is there something I'm overlooking here?

    Is my way of doing this not recommended? Is it a problem to just pop in a 2.0 kickstart in an A500? Maybe I should just make a bootable floppy with the config tool. If I do that, which files does the config tool require from Workbench?

    I appreciate anything you can do to help or point me in the right direction, to improve my config experience. ^^ Thank you!


  • Update:

    Just saw the updated config tool from today, and tried using that one. Everything works great now!

    However, I doubt it was because of a bug in the tool before. I think it was a bug in my brain... With the previous version, I extracted the .lha on my mac and put the files on a disk image, to be written to a floppy on my A1200. I suspect this may have disturbed something? File permissions, or whatever? This time I did everything on the Amiga side. All is fine.

    So.. If my suspicion is correct, don't extract the .lha on anything else than the Amiga, people.. ^^

  • Unpacking files on anything else than the Amiga is always problematic, as the flags are not preserved. However, this should not cause too much trouble, as the config tool is just an executable file, and that does not need anything special.

    The new version of the tool really had a discrepancy of "live values" versus "saved values", so what you experienced may have really been a bug.

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