Howto - boot into a different core (eg Minimig) at powerup

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  • that sounds odd. make sure the filesystem is "clean" (run scandisk on it)

    That said, i havent done a lot of testing with SDXC cards (which aren't officially supported btw, they just happen to work - sometimes).

  • Yes i have the same on the 64GB card as on the 32GB card. The 64GB card boots into the C64 menue. Pressing "C" for Slot 2 loads the minimig core and the 4 HDD-Files under AmigaOS 3.2. All files are ok, only the autoboot do not work.

    ...My solution is to put everything back to the 32 GB card. I have had very good experiences with the blue SanDisk SDHC class 4 32GB. ;-)

  • By "loading other stuff" i ment using the Chameleon Menu of course - other cores will work totally different :)

    While the MinimigAGACore ran well (without autobooting) on the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I 64 GB card, this was not the case with the C64 Core. After starting you could see and start the C64 files in the browser, but if you had started a program, went back to the menu and wanted to start another, the file browser showed that there was no SD card.

    The 64GB card is no longer used for the TC64V1. Yesterday my new blue SanDisk SDHC class 4 32GB card arrived. With that, autoboting also works again. :-)

  • I see, will have to get another SDXC card for testing, the one i have does work as far as i can see *shrug*

    Maybe this is just due to the size of 64 GB of the SD card and not the type. I only have one 64 GB card. How big is your SDXC?

    I had already tried different block sizes when formatting and found that block sizes that were too small lead to errors when reading. I end up using 32 kb or 64 kb blocks. But even with the 64 kb blocks I kept getting the error that no SD could be found in the C64 Core. Sometimes the mistake came sooner, sometimes later.