Indivision AGA MK3 and the Intensity Pro 4K video capture card

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  • Hi,

    i have connected the Indivision AGA MK3 to the Intensity Pro 4K video capture card (i only have an HDMI input at my monitor, so i use this video capture card and OBS studio software to display the Amiga graphics). I can only use the 1280x720 resolution both in 50 and 60 Hz. All other resolution lead to a black screen. And i don't have 1920x1080 available, but the 1920x540 !

    Is there a way to solve this problem ?

    Here are the EDID data returned:

    00000000: 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 09A40000 01000000

    00000010: 34160103 80472896 12DAFFA3 584AA229

    00000020: 17494B20 00000101 01010101 01010101

    00000030: 01010101 0101011D 8018711C 1620582C

    00000040: 2500C48E 2100009E 011D0072 51D01E20

    00000050: 6E285500 C48E2100 001E0000 00FC0042

    00000060: 4D442048 444D490A 20202020 000000FD

    00000070: 00323C0F 2D08000A 20202020 202001FC

    00000080: 02032A76 4E858486 949395A0 A1A29F90

    00000090: 02110123 0F070483 1F00006E 030C0000

    000000A0: 00383C20 00800102 03048C0A A01451F0

    000000B0: 1600267c 4300138E 21000098 011D80D0

    000000C0: 721C1620 102C2580 C48E2100 009E011D

    000000D0: 00BC52D0 1E20B828 5540C48E 2100001E

    000000E0: 8C0AA020 51201810 187E2300 138E2100

    000000F0: 00980000 00000000 00000000 000000DC



  • Is there a way to solve this problem ?

    Surely by using a different capture device - although you won't like this answer. Indivision AGA MK3 generates VESA compliant signals, and if your capture device can't see these, we're the wrong address for support. Please contact the vendor of the capture device if the information gathered from EDID data is inaccurate.

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