Game Release: 8bit-Slicks Online Racer for Apple//e, Atari XL, C64

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  • It was 18 months in the making... but finally I am pleased to announce the release of 8bit-Slicks for the Apple//e, Atari XL, and C64, just in time for the Xmas holiday!

    The game supports up-to 4 players, local or online (using the Uthernet, DragonCart or RR-Net).

    13 games servers are available, and results are recorded for competitive Ranking.

    So make sure to download the game and join us for some racing fun this holiday season!

    Cheers, Tony (aka 8bit-Dude)

    P.S: Feel free to repost this news and spread the word, the more players online the merrrier!!!

    [Blocked Image:]

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