ACA500 Plus and Network Installer ADF

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  • HI!

    im trying to run the ACA500 Plus Network installer, I downloaded the Zip file that has the ADF file within it and it displays as DF0:NDOS both on a real Amiga and Winuae??

    Any ideas?


  • Have you updated the firmware on the ACA500+. If so all you need to do is enter the Installer ie F7 on powerup. And option F5 installs the software onto your hard drive. This worked fine for me with OS3.1 but not with OS3.9.

    OS3.9. I just copied the ADF to a usb stick and used it on a Gotek drive.

    Unfortunately each copy of the installer you download off the server as its own copy of AMITCP: licence in it i believe.

    This is probably why you only get a limited number of downloads of the installer.

    Make sure you save a copy to a storage device for later use.

    Hope this helps

  • Sorry I have just looked again at what i did. The ADF. Is it named UPD500P.ADF If so this is the installer to copy info to your ACA500+.

    Just copy it to the CF card in your AUX port. Goto F8 on boot. Then to F for flash updater. This will then installer the software onto the ACA500+.

    Then go back and and goto F7 and F5 to install to your hard drive.

    Make sure when you copy the UPD500P.ADF to your CF AUX card it is the only UPD file on there.

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