Indivision MK3 HD720 problem

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  • I have problem getting to work HD720 on MK3 (on MK2 it works fine).

    I'm using 1.7.1 configurator with latest firmware.

    1. I copy 1024x768 HiGfx and and name it as 1280x720 HD720, then I move this resolution to the top of the list

    2, I set VGA Mode: EDID 1280x720@50

    3. I set Test Mode: HD720 Super-High Res Laced (1280x720)

    4. I make width and height adjustments it to fit 1280x720 resolution

    When I'm testing/adjusting mode it works perfectly. I save an apply all settings.

    When I change WB screen mode to HD720 Super-High Res Laced (1280x720), it works, but Indivision is still selects and uses "Pre 800x600 PAL" what disorders image on monitor.

    Can I get some help what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you

  • Can I get some help what I'm doing wrong?

    It seems like you didn't adapt the "select on..." settings. Top of the list is not the only thing - you need to adjust the criteria for selection of this mode, such as "on SHires" and the min/max number of lines. To understand what kind of criteria Indivision AGA MK3 uses, please read the chapter "Basic concepts" of the config tool documentation.