Indivision AGA Mk3 Stopped Working

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  • So, I got my Indivision a few weeks ago, and it was working in my Amiga 1200, but while I was using it, it suddenly displayed a screenful of garbled colors and then went blank. I switched my display to the stock video output and my Amiga was still running. I've tried re-seating it, have tried both VGA & HDMI output but nothing is working. It is no longer displaying anything. My Amiga 1200 is stock, except for a A1200SDE+ expansion.

  • Config tool does not find the unit. I'm using a Carlsen Electronics PSU. I've been using my 1200 for about 4-5 hours/day for past 10 days, shutting it off when I wasn't using it. The Indivision worked perfectly until the garbled graphics I described in OP. I've tried re-seating it multiple times but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

  • Carlsen Electronics PSU

    Ray Carlsen makes a lot of PSUs - does any one of them have cable drop compensation? I see a lot of pictures on his page, and all of them appear to be built on standard PSU chassis. Since Ray has been working in a University environment, I bet he's willing to share some technical knowledge, or verify with our PSU FAQ if his power supply complies with the original Commodore specifications.

    We can of course test the unit here. Please read this article before sending things over the pond.

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