Any luck with USB joysticks?

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  • I have a couple of joysticks from way back in the C64 days, which don't work 100% anymore. So I thought I'd try a USB joystick with the RapidRoad. The software recognizes the joystick and I can for instance program a button to perform a display beep with the Poseidon/Trident software, but with some limited testing I couldn't find any games that recognized the joystick.

    Anyone having more luck with this?

  • All the classic games use direct hardware access, so no chance using USB joysticks. For the same reason, you still want a Micromys as mouse adapter (or a genuine Amiga mouse), because anything that's not OS-friendly will require something that's attached to the physical mouse port. Further, since Gaming on classic machines is often a matter of frame-precision, USB isn't exactly the best idea, as nothing is as fast as direct hardware access. While USB may take as long as 100ms to update (five PAL frames!), joystick movements are available to software in less than 280ns on OCS/ECS machines, and about 4.4µs on AGA machines. Fire buttons have a delay of 1.4µs - all MUCH faster than USB can ever be.

    most games use direct hardware registers (CIA chip)

    CIA chips only handle the fire button. Joystick directions are handled by the Denis/Lisa chip. There is no piece of software that can "inject" values into these registers while a non-OS-friendly game is running.

  • Well, yes, most especially older games are not going to work with a USB joystick. But are there any games that work with a USB joystick? I tried a small number of workbench-friendly games, but no luck so far. (To be fair, I haven't had any success at all with USB joysticks in any situation except the THEC64 mini/maxi and the joysticks that come with those.)

    I guess I need to take my two half-working arcade joysticks and transplant some micro switches to get one that works properly. And figure out how to get WHDLoad to work...