Chip RAM Espansion

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  • Good and bad news: We're working with a rather low level of staff during these days until the end of the year, so work in the shop is "almost zero". However, the first ACE2b units have passed QC and are only waiting for the sticker to be put on them (not sure if I wrote it here, but the PCB company messed up the writing on the board, so the orientation can't be seen easily - we are now putting durable stickers on).

    With quite a few changes coming up (Brexit, higher VAT rate in Germany), and the "almost zero hours" of workshop time, it won't be possible to put the ACE2b on sale this year, as that would create an accounting problem: The sale being done this year and delivery done next year will require us to charge 19% VAT, but the shop system is still set to 16% VAT until the afternoon of december 30th.

    The plan is to set the shop to maintenance mode on the 30th, after the last shipment of the day has been done (probably around noon). VAT will then be increased to 19%, as we don't do shipments on the 31st. You will then be able to place a pre-order for an ACE2b, for delivery during the first week of 2021.

    OK, thank you very much.

  • I noticed that there isn't a photo of the assembly on an A2000. I'd like to understand what portion of space it occupies ..

    I didn't have time to set up the A2000 again and take a picture with the final sticker on it. Here's one that I took of a mass-produced unit, before the sticker was put on: