Indiswitcher on MKIII and P96

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  • hello,

    when you buy an MKIII you also have to buy a P96 to be able to take advantage of the indiswitcher function, is that right ?

    This function seems compatible with the MKIIcr, is it true ?

  • The switcher tool indeed requires a newer version of P96 - newer than the shareware archive that you can find on Aminet. The MK2 version of Indivision GAA cannot make use of the tool - it's only for Indivision ECS V2 and Indivision AGA MK3.

  • For adding this feature to Indivision AGA MK2, we'd have to resurrect extremely old Quartus versions that still support the Cyclone 2 FPGA series. There is currently no computer in this company that has this software installed. Further, it's not even certain if it fits the FPGA, and another obstacle is that the config tool of the MK2 version would need an update, too. Please note that the product has last been sold "officially" well over a year ago, and the feature was never advertised.

    Even if you found enough MK2/MK2cr users who would be willing to pay for the expenses of having two people (FPGA developer and software developer) work on this, I would not know when we could do that work, as we ahve way too many projects in the pipe. There must be a time when a product just has to be called "mature" and no features will be added.

    Why not attach the correct rtg.library file in the MKIII distribution?

    Because rtg.library is not part of Indivision AGA MK3. The library is part of P96, and not of the flicker fixer. The flicker fixer supports P96, but it does not include it. I see no reason why the two products should be mixed up.

  • Indiswitcher is announced with the MKIII without specifying that it is necessary to buy P96. It is a bit of a forced sale or an incomplete product or at least imputed with a function.At the limit of false advertising !

    It's very bordline with the law.

  • Indiswitcher is announced with the MKIII

    It is nowhere mentioned in the product description. If you learned about it by downloading the software ahead of time, you have also read the documentation ahead of time. The documentation is clear about the required version of P96.

    At the limit of false advertising !

    If you think so, please have it checked by a professional. Personally, I don't think that you can go to a car maker and complain that a trailer is not included with a car, because it was advertised to have a hook.

    Further, your asking me to spend money to back-port this feature to the MK2, which was released well over eight years ago, is also not really in line with what you can expect from a small computer company.

    Step back, take a deep breath and think twice if your words are adequate.

  • Just did some research - so you've bought an Indivision AGA MK2cr a bit over a year ago. Now you find out that the MK3 is better. That's just he way it is, sorry mate.

    However, doing more research, you're one of those persons who confronted me with wording like "you're not a real engineer" (march 2nd, 2020). There's really no point in following this any longer. Please buy your Amiga gear somewhere else, but not at iComp. I don't need your money, and the Amiga community does not need your attitude.

  • Jens

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