I cannot get my New MK3 to work at all. Seems completely dead.

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  • Warranty ID NT&JE was tested today, and it shows no defect. I assume your Lisa chip has a bad solder joint, or your power supply can't deliver properly-regulated voltage. After all, this is exactly the same that we've had with the unit from Sam Ingrams - he reported his PSU as a known-bad unit way too late.

  • Maybe we should take a closer look at your system as well - please list the components including power supply and anything that consumes power. I really don't like the idea of just giving up when it's working so well for so many customers.

  • Power supply is an internal 235 watt that came with the Power Tower that the Motherboard is installed in. It has a Gotek Drive connected. And the included HDD that came with the amiga 1200. There are no other peripherals. Also sorry about the late reply as I am not getting notified when you post.

  • 235 watt

    That's way over-powered, and most likely an ATX unit that does not have the 5V rail as it's main regulation rail. Reading that this is from a "power tower", it's probably about 20 years old, as Power Computing hasn't been selling these in a while (are they active in the Amiga market any more at all?).

    If I remember right, the PowerTower uses one of that funny adapters that routes power to the outside, then back into the computer through the 5-pin DIN connector. Toni from Power computing was bragging about the construction being really simple, using nails as pins for the 5-pin DIN connector that was hard-to-find back in the days (still is today!). Back then, I urged him to at least give these nails the correct plating and find the exact diameter (I think they were a bit too thick), but he just laughed at me. Depending on the rest of the power connections, there's a good chance that the power supply is your one and only problem. Can you take a few pictures of all power connections, internal and external?

    And the included HDD that came with the amiga 1200.

    Probably a good time to replace that with a CF card or DOM. Physical harddrives are loud, they take a lot of power (thus generate a lot of heat) and I wouldn't trust them after all these years.

  • I am in the process of replacing the HDD with a CF card as we speak. Just Haven't completed it yet. The tower might be 20 years old but I didn't think it was. the time passes quickly. So what do you suggest for Powering the unit.? I am more than willing to replace it if necessary. It does look like some kind of Nail on the connector.

  • Yes, that's what I remember: Rusty nails and an ATX power supply.

    Back then, I didn't know how problematic ATX power supplies are, as they don't have 5V as their main regulation rail. Today, I am pointing people to our power supply FAQ, hoping that it's not too technical, but still gets the requirements across.

    So what do you suggest for Powering the unit.?

    For an A1200, no matter if towered or not, the CA-PSU is the best you can get. You might even think about putting the computer back into it's original case. That Y2K craze of putting everything in a tower is really not up-to-date any more.

  • It seems the Ca Power unit is out of stock for 110 Volts. Otherwise I would order one. I can't put the unit back in the original case because I was stupid and threw it out. I may try to source a replacement one.

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