A512 Memory Expansion availability

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  • I finally got around to making required changes to the PCB last week, just waiting for sample PCBs to arrive either late this week or early next week. I expect these to be available some time in November in two forms: One is the A512 that you already know, and the other is a 2MByte card that can be jumpered to be a standard 512k card, a 1MB expansion for the A500+ or a 2MB chipram expansion for Rev.8 boards with a few jumper wires.

  • Great news. I have an A500 rev 8A.1 and my problem was if I could put 3 A512 in the trapdoor slot to get to 2Mb chip, but I think this new expansion is right for me. That new expansion have a RTC clock module, ora an option for it?

    Thank you.

  • I have an A500 rev 8A.1 and my problem was if I could put 3 A512 in the trapdoor slot to get to 2Mb chip,

    That won't work, as the normal Rev.8a board does not have the logic chips to generate the addressing for 2MBytes of chip ram. There are a few empty spots on the board that many people have used to upgrade the board to 2MBytes of chip ram, but some of these mods ended up with a defective computer, as it's far from trivial to do this mod.

    Wih the Agnus chip being the limiting factor of a 2MByte chip ram modification, and the Rev.8 board already being equipped with one, I was looking for an easy way to give 2Mbytes of chip ram to a Rev.8a board without adding these chips. The A2048 is my answer, and the modifications are all on the main board only - no chips to solder in or out, and only very few wire links/cuts to do. The additional signal to the A2048 is passed through the existing trapdoor connector, so there is no soldering to be done to the A2048. As a result, the memory expansion will keep it's warranty, and the Rev.8a Amiga only gets easily-reversible modifications.

    Oh, and the A2048 will be cheaper than three A512 units :-)