Indivision ECS strange mouse Cursor activity

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  • I just received and installed an Indivision ECS in my Amiga 500 with TerribleFire 534 installed. Everything seems to work except with the Indivision installed my cursor jumps all over while moving, sometimes duplicating to other parts of the screen. When I switch back to my Denise chip, behavior returns to normal. Mouse cursor moves smoothly with no duplication. But if the Indivision is installed again, back to jumping and duplicating.

    this occurs on the vga connection as well as rgb (over rgb4all svideo board) and mono.

    Here is video of behavior with the Indivision ECS installed:

    And here is the behavior with standard Denise chip reinstalled:

  • Our QC procedure still installs a fairly old FPGA core. Please download the latest config tool and run the firmware update from that - this solved mouse movement issues.

  • I added the Indivision Config Tool to prefs and ran it. I ran both "Firmware Flash" and "Firmware Flash File", after reboots on each there is no change to mouse cursor behavior. It jumps all over the place to the point of near un-usability unless I reinstall the original Denise.

    Is there a different/more recent firmware file I should be downloading other than what comes with:…ivisionECSv2-20190516.lha

    If so where do I get that newer firmware from.

  • Oof... well looks like you guys are off the hook. In constantly swapping my denise back in to be able to use mouse I managed to snap a leg off of the indivision ECS V2. I'm going to to solder a peg in place and permanently attach it to a standoff to try and get it usable again, but I appreciate that the snapped leg probably voids the warranty.

    Do I need to buy another one in order to qualify for support for this issue? Would I likely see the same unusable mouse cursor with another one?

  • I wonder if the leg has come off earlier, and the whole issue was caused by one of the mouse-related signals not being connected. If you solder a pin back in, it should be "back to working" as it did during our QC procedure.

    You do of course still qualify for product support, and I'm confident that this will work for you just like it does for hundreds of other customers. Before I write way too many unrelated things (because I believe that everything will work after you've added the missing contact back in), please do repair the pin if you can.

    If you still don't get it to work, please describe the exact system you have, including all chip revisions, main board revision and power supply you're using.

  • Pin repaired, everything is working exactly as before. Jumping mouse, but perfect crystal clear video. It's so close I can taste it...

    Amiga 500 (Rev 5)

    3.X Kickstart Cloanto Rom (

    8372A Agnus(318069-02)

    Terrible Fire TF536 (…-the-A500&highlight=tf536) Though the issue persists with original Process plugged in (MC68000P8)

    Gary TC17G008AP-0025

    Paula 8364R7

    8520A-1 CIA board (DF0 switch on Even)

    RGB4all Composite/S-Video board (…sal-video-converter-v1-1/)

    Workbench 3.1

    In a standard state, all works as expected. Add in the Indivision EVS and the mouse does the electric boogaloo all over the screen.

  • I worked out the troublemaker, unfortunately I don;t see a way around it. I have this:…i-computers-/333301477068

    To move my TF536 over a few inches (using plastic standoffs so it doesn't make contact with the board. I have this because I have a megachip coming in the mail in a few days and the above flexible rellocator is the only way I can move the TF536 so it will clear the taller Agnus stack. So it seems I may need to decide between mega-chip, TF536 or Indivision... I apparently cannot have them all because the indivision doesn't play nicely with the flexible processor extender.

    The rellocator does work fine with standard Denise though... maybe s-video will just have to be good enough.

  • By the way, I am not blaming the Indivision ECS for not working with some generic piece of kit. It works perfectly with the extender taken out of the equation. It’s just something with this eBayed extender...

  • Such an extender using ribbon cable (?) for extending unbuffered signals is just an accident waiting to happen. Unbuffered signals without proper ground reference near them == bad idea. I would not call this "generic equipment" but "random-bad-hack". Maybe OK for a proof-of-concept, but if you want to release it into the field, you should at least apply the most basic engineering knowledge.

    I have new ACE2 boards in the works, and they are even flatter than the previous ones (though larger, but not extending towards the CPU in an A500). Maybe these will help using an internal accel without a relocator.

  • Just a heads up on this... I purchased a straight line proc re-locator for my TF536 (rather than the Angled re-locator they are typically supplied with).

    With this re-locator I clear both the iECSv2 and my mega-chip without contacting the Keyboard or top case in anyway.

    My cursor bouncing issues are resolved and the iECSv2 works BEAUTIFULLY in this configuration. So if anyone else runs into a similar issue, a simple straight line re-locator will clear all of the vital bits.

  • I'm still not a fan of such "relocators" - good for you if it works, but these things tend to behave totally unpredictable if you change a minor thing in the system.

    It's not too long until Ace2b goes into production. Almost all components are already here, so SMD-production can most likely start next week. Would be interesting to see if you can live without a relocator with Ace2b.

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