Video Capture from Amiga 2000

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  • I have the v2 scandoubler installed in my Rev 6.2 Amiga 2000 and it has served me well. I wish to be able to capture game play from the Amiga. As the scandoubler has VGA output and the capture card has HDMI input, I had to get a VGA to HDMI converter. I am able to get video when I connect the HDMI to my monitor, but when I connect the HDMI output from the capture card all I get is a black screen. I am using OBS as the capture software. The capture card is able to accept HDMI input from 480i/480p and can output via USB3 from 360x240. The capture card isn't faulty as I am able to capture from a Playstation 3. The capture card is a cheaper unit, it's a USB3.0 Video Capture HDMI 4K. My understanding is it is able to take 4K video and pass it through as 1080P. Has anyone been able to get this type of setup to work?

  • I guess it pretty much depends on the video mode your indivsion is set to output. I would try to set some standard 60Hz mode to try and see, if you can get any picture at all. Note, I don’t mean your Amiga screenmode, but the vga videomode which is set to display your Amiga screenmode.

    I just did a quick test with my equipment and the result is okay. You can see the mjpeg artifacts my capture device produces and sharpness could be better.
    One tip, disable scanline effects. They pretty much always look bad when captured and uploaded to YouTube.

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