“Out of Range” with Indivision AGA Mk3

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  • I just installed the Indivision AGA Mk3 in my 1200 but the only thing I see on the monitor is an “Out of Range” message. I haven’t had a chance to adjust anything, just “Out of Range” on my first try.

    The 1200 itself is working; I can connect through the standard video connector (via SCART and a Framemeister) and I get a picture. The monitor is an ASUS VS24AH-P, if that helps.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  • If you have a possibility to view the screen without a monitor connected to Indivisin, my first attempt would be to launch the config tool, read EDID data from the monitor and see if that gets it to a working screen. We do set a very low resolution at the factory, but your monitor may have dropped compatibility with such "old" modes. What type of monitor is that?

  • I got it to work! Having both RGB and HDMI connections setup and being able to switch back and forth was very helpful.

    I downloaded the config tool from here and eventually discovered that "Pre 1280x512 PAL SHires" works on my monitor. Hooray!