Aca500+ and whdload

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  • hello, can I please get some advice. I’ve installed wbench 3.1 on a cf card but haven’t been able to work out how to get whdload working or the games onto it. I have an 8gb and a 4gb card.

  • Please understand that we can't give any support for "how to use an Amiga", or even installing 3rd party software. We've already made it a lot easier to install the WB with the automatic installer, and if you work along WHDload install instructions, you'll notice that some harder-to-find-components are already pre-installed if you have used our automatic installer. However, we need to make a strict difference between support for our hardware and 3rd-party software.

    If any of the readers here want to help, that's of course fine, but you can't expect iComp emlpoyees to spend time on this.