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  • I have a couple of ACA1221 I need replacement CPLD's are they available pre flashed, can I flash them myself, I noticed they are available from Farnell in UK, here is a link to my video diagnosing

    Video link

    Can any one help or is it just a case of scrap, thanks in advance.

  • If the 3.3V regulator gets hot, it's almost always because one of the CPLDs suffered a latch-up - hardly ever is the regulator damaged. Once you have identified which one of the CPLDs is defective, you can remove that and will see the 3.3V rail within expected limits.

    CPLD latch-up often happens if people use a bad PSU, such as these MeanWell-based things. It has nothing to do with the upgrades or overclocking; the chips always run at the same frequency, and a memory access does not change if it's happening to a different address.

    Just skipped ahead a bit - Lighter fluid for identifying the "hot" CPLD? I'd recommend one of these new FLIR mobile phones with built-in IR camera - that'll do the job much safer :-) (and cheaper than my original FLIR camera, though I don't know about hackability).

    Instead of capton tape, I recommend bending a bit of metal. The lid of one of those metal danish butter cookie boxes does well. Not sure if they're available all over Europe, but they are available from practically all super markets in Germany, and I'd expect the metal boxes for other long-shelf-life groceries to do just as well.

    The speed you've taken the old CPLD off was really fast - and I see that the board was not pre-heated at all. You're running the risk of popping vias with such high temperature differences. These are 4-layer boards, and after just a few days in a normal environment, humidity has accumulated in the board and the chips. Heating them up so fast may boil the water inside the board and/or chips fast enough to expand explosive-like. Even if it still works after your type of service, you're most likely introducing micro-cracks in the IC packages that are bad enough for larger amounts of humidity to reach the silcon, or even worse, the bond wires. Ultimately, this thing will have a much chorter life if you're not controlling the heat curve properly.

    That pad you're ripped off (at about 1:02h) is unused (NC pin of the CPLD). The accel will work without. The reason it came off so easily might be the excessive heat you've applied. Again, get something with a proper pre-heating plate from below and temperature-controlled hot air from the top. Give it at least 120 seconds pre-heat before turning on the hot air.

    The CPLDs are not available pre-programmed, as we only program them in-system. So the procedure for us would have to be: Solder the unit in, program, de-solder it and send it to you - that's already two times 28,- EUR plus tax and 4,70 EUR plus tax for the 9572XL, plus shipment. I bet it's a lot cheaper to just send the board(s) to us and have the job done here. It might be worth a try taking the CPLD off of the other one you have there and see if that's still alive. Chances are 50:50 that it's the other one that blew :-)

    Judging from your accent (and I'm not a native speaker!), you're from the UK? Shipping to Germany is not too expensive. And while Brexit didn't happen completely (aka "this year"), there's no duties and taxes implied either.

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