Indivision ECS V2 on a AMIGA 500 rev5

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  • Hi

    I have a A500 Rev5 with Indivision ECS V2 (upgraded to latest FM) and ACA500Plus (upgraded to latest FM) installed.

    Running the supplied AmigaOS3.1 and installed the latest Indivision driver 2.3.

    I must be doing somthing fundamentaly wrong when setting up the resolution, the best I can achieve is a crappy 640x512 Interlaced workbench.

    I can change the screen resoltion up to 1080p, but the graphics are still 640x512 interlaced. I have seen may nice screenshots with crisp screens.

    How does the IndivisionECSv2 driver interact/conflict with the original ScreenMode and Overscan programs? ANy setting needed on the ACA500Plus? Increase graphic memory????

    What am I doing wrong? ;(

  • What am I doing wrong? ;(

    You're expecting a flicker fixer to be a graphics card. That's not what it is - it merely converts the resolutions that the Amiga can do into a format the current monitors can display.

    You can of course activate overscan or try the HighGFX packet from Aminet, but you will never be able to exceed the resolutoins that the OCS/ECS Amiga can output.