Jumping by one line on MK3

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  • Anyone else notice the screen line jumping up and down by one pixel when there is something changing on the screen?

    Something as simple as moving the mouse in Workbench or slowly moving a window seems to cause the line count in the OSD to reduce by one momentarily, and the screen seems to move up a line.

    Using 20200824 firmware and DBLPAL High Res No Flicker mode

  • LeeiComp

    Changed the title of the thread from “Jumping by one line” to “Jumping by one line on MK3”.
  • Using 20200824 firmware and DBLPAL High Res No Flicker mode

    Does that also happen in other screen modes?

    DBLPal is fairly unusual, especially since Indivision is a flicker fixer - why choose such a high output rate (reducing chip ram performance) if you can have both a higher resolution and faster operation with plain PAL or NTSC modes?

  • Is there another higher resolution non-interlaced mode that can be used? I thought I tried all of them and this one appeared best of the bunch.

    I don’t like the combed cursor effect while moving it for standard interlaced PAL modes..

  • There is currently no way to get around the combed mouse pointer effect in interlace modes. However, I relayed an idea for a possible solution to Hyperion, wo are busy with the next revision of the classic OS.

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