Easy design improvement suggestion

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  • Hi,

    I have installed Mk3 and after initial confusion and disappointing results it works great:)!. Peace of advice for all: flash latest firmware, it made huge quality improvements for me. Also, after choosing one VGA mode for all and a little bit of fiddling between live configs and a tool to save them I am happy as a pup;).

    However, I have removed my RF module and used this spot to install monitor connection. I had to trim a PCB a little but outcome is AWESOME! I think that you should consider making it a bit narrower and a little bit reshaped to make it an easy job for everyone. (I am using space beneath FDD for my CF card adapter to be accessible w/o opening the case)

  • The adapter-PCB must be fully symmetrical, so both outputs can be used, and the PCB is pushed equally strong in it's place by the lower shield of the A1200 when mounted in the recommended spot.

    That said, please post a picture or two of your modification, so others have an idea of the amount of work that needs to be done. I previously made the suggestion in the German part of this forum to use the adapter PCB upside-down (solder side up) in place of the modulator, so it automatically avoids many parts.

  • All it took was filing PCB to be narrower and fit in place and small cut on the shield and housing to accommodate screws of VGA port. If I put it upside might be even easier. Symmetrical design if PCB is VGA port width would work perfect. I have put insulation between PCB and Amiga motherboard.

  • I guess the approach "solder side up" is a better one. This does not only look like it needs some "cleaning up", but it will most likely always remain at an angle, even pushing against one of the electrolytic capacitors.

  • When I grab some time I will tidy it up (trim a bit more if needed). I will try solder side up too. I am looking to get new case which has VGA hole instead of modulator. In any case If PCB is width of VGA connector it would be easy fit.

  • I guess the approach "solder side up" is a better one. This does not only look like it needs some "cleaning up", but it will most likely always remain at an angle, even pushing against one of the electrolytic capacitors.

    Yes, I mounted it briefly solder-side up with the 4-letter port sticking out the RF modulator hole. Fits absolutely beautifully - had it not been for the VGA connector resting right against the caps behind it. Since I did not like the way the insertion force could/would push on the caps I decided not to mount it there for the moment.

  • I finally got around to installing my MK3. I got the VGA/HDM! board and buzzed off the extra PCB on each side of the VGA socket using a bench grinder. With the PCB trimmed back on both sides to the VGA socket, it fits nicely where the modulator was (No copper traces were hurt in the process). I just used some hot glue to hold it in place and made sure there was enough shielding for the screws in the VGA socket to grab onto. It is very solid and everything works well. I should have taken pictures, but forgot about this thread until now. A bit of filing is needed for port clearance on the case as it does sit a few mm higher than the other ports.

    A quick video to show it working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqBKoTkP_HE

  • Here are a few shots for you. My A1200 motherboard likes to lift up a little bit near the power connector so makes the port look uneven, when I press down on that corner, all looks good. Maybe a blob of hot glue will fix that too. At least with the output you can see no problems here so Jens and Tobias are spared another test bench situation lol ;)

  • Tobias is hardly ever working on Amiga things :-)

    So you also chose to not go with my suggestion of "circuit board up" - why is everyone so hesitant to do that? I promise, the electrons won't fall out :-)

  • The only reasons I chose to put the PCB that way is:

    A) the VGA cable is always the same around for when I switch Amigas, which I do a bit (I know OCD, right!),

    B) I thought there would be a nice strong bond with the hot glue between the PCB and motherboard. Not pushing down too hard while gluing the surfaces means there should be enough insulation from the glue and lamination on the motherboard so that there would be no chance of the pins scratching through to the motherboard's ground plane.

    C) I have a lot of faith that those electrons are pretty good, under normal circumstances, of staying where they belong ;)