Indivision AGA MK3 - No smooth screen / sprite scrolling

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  • Hello again,

    after I managed to get the MK3 working, there is something that still keeps bothering me from the start, but I thought I may be able to resolve it OR it would resolve itself with an accelerator card. Today I received the ACA 1233n and you would say I'm still in the test phase with that. Anway the problem:

    The HDMI image quality is great, but a little bit "jerky".

    This problem ALWAYS persist, I can remove everything from the A1200, so there is no card whatsoever installed, and still the screen scrolling, text scrolling or moving objects are a bit jerky. Simultaneously everything on the Commodore 1084S CRT appears as smooth as butter.

    I already tried swapping PSUs, since I figured that will be one of the questions coming up. Also I so far tested 3 different HDMI TV sets.

    It also doesn't matter what WB versions I would boot into or what demo / game I would start. Maybe this is just an easy to fix timing problem?

    Although this lag not super extreme, it still is noticable. X/

    Any idea what setting to change / where to look further to resolve this?

    Thank you so much.

    BTW - I still haven't figured really the difference between those 2 Screen Mode listings in the settings tool. The user guide only names them differently, but WHAT does the one do and what the other? :/



  • Try to enable Double Buffer option for that mode.

    When Double Buffer was off I was noticing some tearing when playing SlamTilt (vertical scrolling)

    enabling Double Buffer fixed it.

  • Please read up on the VSync and Auto resolution features of Indivision AGA MK3. These are brand new features introduced with this version of the flicker fixer, primarily to get around the problem you're describing.

    Further, please consult the manual of your monitor7TV for image filter/processing. Many of them have a "movie" setting enabled by default, which is quite heavy processing of the image, and that may come with another delay or even frame rate conversion. If your monitor/TV has a "PC mode" and 1:1 pixel size, you should choose that.

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