[BUGS] IEC lock ups with 1581 and emulated drive

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  • I have a 1581 as device 8 and an emulated drive set as ID 9 so I can copy files from d64 images to real 1581 floppies. Using the Retro Replay to copy files or the Chameleon's menu causes the IEC bus to hang until I power cycle the 1581.

    Is this a known issue?

  • First time i hear about this... i don't own a 1581 though, so can't test :(

    How exactly is the 1581 connected? If it's connected to the C64, can you try the IEC connector at the Chameleon? Perhaps that makes a difference.

  • There's one detail that you did not mention: Does the 1581 have the original ROM, or an altered Eprom, something like Jiffy DOS?

    Also, "using Retro Replay to copy files" sounds a bit odd to me, as there's no proper file copier in the Retro Replay ROM, and the speeder of Retro Replay is very 1541-specific. I don't even know if it properly detects the 1581 and switches itself off, So for copying files, I highly recommend the Chameleon's file browser - that's known-good with a lot os different IEC drives.

  • Tobias

    Changed the title of the thread from “IEC lock ups with 1581 and emulated drive” to “[BUGS] IEC lock ups with 1581 and emulated drive”.
  • Coming back to this... it would also be good if you could try to reproduce the problem with a 1541. And also please try without retroreplay (does it work in the menu?)

  • Chameleon v1 9m, 1581 (standard rom) connected with the breakout of the TC64. Emulated 1541 drive at 8.

    When I copy a prg file from the emulated 1541 to the real 1581 using the menu of the TC64

    The transfer starts en you see the blocks count go up but then stops before it copied all blocks and returns to browser and end up with a seq file.

    File copying with the retro replay doesn't work for me since it says "currently out of order..."

    connected to the real IEC of the c64 the file copy from sd cart to 1581 resulted in a prg but is not loadable.

  • This happened to me with a 1581 as well.

    NTSC C64, TC64v2 presenting drive #8, 1581 attached to C64's IEC port. I was copying files from d64 images on the TC64 drive to the 1581. Tried using the file copier built into the Super Snapshot 5 cart (presented by TC), as well as Maverick's file copier. Probably 3 out of 4 attempts would fail on start of the actual copy with an error stating that the device was not found.

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