P96 1 year download

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  • Spymate

    Changed the title of the thread from “P96 license duration” to “P96 1 year download”.
  • Hi,

    the 10 downloads are an arbitrary number - I can always increase that. Further, if your download expired in may of this year, I can extend your download persiod to "today", as the update was already available in may, but I didn't get around to uploading it to the server (and it's not a huge update anyway). I'll need the order ID for that.

  • Hi Jens,

    As with my previous download attempt (2.4.4) I was not getting any file when clicking the link the first four times in different web browsers.

    On the fifth attempt, I got the file..

    Tested with Edge Chromium, Edge Beta, Chrome, Firefox and lastly Firefox again.

    This mean that I used five of my download (attempts) to get the file once. If it should be this way every time, I'll just stop support your work and wait for the P96 Pirate Edition.

    On my previous attempt, you blamed me for being stupid (more or less), not knowing how to download a file (or more specifically a .lha file) - Every other file I have downloaded (including .lha) the last 30 years have downloaded just fine - but not Picasso96... Is this a problem with me, my computer or your site ?


  • I certainly didn't say or write that you're stupid. However, you're the first to report this problem repeatedly.

    Your command-style that you've used in your eMail (which I have answered a minute ago) isn't really helping. Please double-check your virus checker or other guard programs for blocking LHA files. THis has helped other customers as well.

  • Well, you more or less did that (told me I am a stupid customer, not knowing how to download a file), and that set the level of our communication. I hope my other few emails after that might have changed something.

    I probably found a cause for the file not being downloaded. I sent that to you too, but I see no difference on the download link yet.


    ... onClick='window.setTimeout(function(){window.location.reload();},1000);'>P96 RTG software ...

    That short time (1 s) before reloading the page might be too short to initiate the download (either on my side or on your, the latency could be anywhere) and send it to the browser. If you just remove the reload (unless that is needed for actually triggering the download), I might try again (or just take the link and open that in a separate tab the next time instead of clicking).==

    Just trying to be helpful.

  • Hi,

    My order history says that P96 RTG software downloads expired. The last one I have downloaded is 2.4.4. Does it mean I need to buy it again for higher versions? How long are downloads valid after purchase? My purchase was last year in sept (order number 62141).


  • I have extended your download period to September 20th, so you can download V2.4.6, which has been published during your free update period. Please make a backup, as I won't be able to make this easy extension if a new version is released.