ACA500 - VirusZ Non-Standard Vector Check

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  • Hi All,

    Can anyone else confirm if the ACA500+ causes VirusZ to alert a non-standard function call to exec.library?

    I don't think I have a Virus, but I do get alerted when I start VirusZ.



  • The ACA500plus menu system does a lot of non-standard things, but I'll check with the author of the menu system if this may cause a warning from a virus scanner.

  • Please provide the following:

    - a screenshot of the message

    - your configuration: Do you use an A1200 accelerator? If so, which one?

    - are you running any non-standard Workbench, Kickstart or a special Setpatch that VirusZ may detect?

    Also, please try to reproduce the warning when launching the computer without startup-sequence. If you have an MMU in your accelerator, please report if the MMU library has been installed or not - in any case, please make sure to run the latest update, so you also have the latest MMU libraries.

  • Hi Jens,

    Probably a red herring. The warning disappears when starting without startup-sequence. Also good to note that I soft reset before checking this so unlikely to be memory resident too.

    For the record, no A1200 accelerator, workbench with the rom loaded into the aca500 rom slot.



  • That is the million dollar question. I think the author passed away and it has been taken up by a team that has continued his good work. But no significant updates have been done since 2004. I’ll reach out to them to see if they can update the package to better support 3.1.4

  • But no significant updates have been done since 2004.

    Maybe because viruses are not really a topic any more on the Amiga? And.. for another million-dollar question: What's the real plural of "virus" - shoudn't it be "viri"? :-)

  • as written here:

    Wikipedia has a rather large section dedicated to this question. The verdict is: “The English plural of virus is viruses, not viri.” Merriam-Webster agrees, as does TheFreeDictionary. Wiktionary offers the following usage notes:

    The plural is often believed to be viri or even virii, but neither is correct Latin and both are neologistic folk etymology. The word has no plural in Latin as it is a mass noun, like oxygen or sunlight.

    i stand corrected :)

  • BTT, please. We're waiting for a reply from the VirusZ author(s) about the warning, or at least another ACA500plus user who has OS3.1.4 installed and is willing to try VirusZ. A simple report "I get the same warning" (or not) will take us a lot further than discussing something that I meant to be a side-joke.

  • Hello!

    I do get that all the time, got used to it and always click 'Cancel' and move on... Lazy me I never tried to know why :P

    Here are some pictures of my screen. Looks to me that this is specific to 3.1.4

    For example I use loadmodule to load 3.1.4's intuition.library and VirusZ complains about intuition and exec. If I remove the loadmodule call from my Startup-Sequence, then VirusZ only complains about exec.

    My setup si ACA500plus running at 14MHz and no A1200 accelerator attached. The 3.1.4 ROM is in one of the ROM slots of the ACA500plus and loaded from there at start, same as Mickoz I beleive. Other than the loadmodule entry mentioned above, my startup-sequence has nothing extra.

    Hope it helps.



  • Thanks Efren,

    It would appear that it is not related to virus like activity then. I will still chase down if there is anything the new custodians of the code can do to accommodate what is likely a false report due to WB 3.1.4.

  • These screenshots indicate that there's kind-of-a-whitelist for known patches. Maybe this is even a separate file that the makers of OS3.1.4 can supply? Might be worth asking Hyperion!

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