RapidRoad with a single USB-port 5pin header

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  • Hello again!

    I received my Rapidroad this week and the shipping was super fast, thank you!

    Installation of the device into my ACA500Plus went smooth and it's working perfectly. Thank you for creating such great hardware for our Amigas.

    The USB header that came with the unit is a dual port version with the basic 9pin connector. The same one which older PC motherboards use for USB 2.0. Now due to space constraints I'm only able to install a single USB port on my case. I have a single USB port cable with a 5pin connector and it's wired just like the 9pin version, just without the 4pins for the other USB port.

    My question: Am I safe to use this 5pin header cable? Of course making sure I connect it the right way. (Which is easily seen by comparing it to the 9pin one with the same color wires)

    Thanks again!

  • I can see a shield and a GND wire on that picture. You can of course connect this to the lower row of RapidRoad, but that extra pin is not connected, so your shield would go "nowhere". You should at least connect the two black wires together.

  • Thanks.

    And if I connect this to the upper row of RapidRoad which also has 5 pins, leaving the 4 pins unconnected? The color coding on the cable appears to be exactly the same.

  • The upper row only has 4 pins, the lower row has 5 pins. I consider the row "closer to the circuit board" the lower row.

    Both rows will work, but none will connect the outermost pins anywhere. The 5th pin in the lower row is physically there, but it's not connected to any signal, GND or power.

  • Interesting, I will give this a try later today.

    Thanks again!

    Btw, it's a great piece of hardware and so far it has detected everything I have thrown at it: mouse, USB sticks, USB flash card reader, 2,5" USB HDD, USB DVD writer (!) and whatnot. I'll try to find more different USB devices and test them all. ^^