Turbo Chameleon 1: Core 9i beta

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  • Hoi Paul,

    Tobias is on holiday at the moment. I can say the answer is yes, there is still work being done on the Chameleon firmware. Hard to predict a exact release date for the update. but is "soon-ish" a valid date?. Corona has been (and still is) messing with our development planning, projects are shifted around often to deal with delays on shipments etc.

    Can't promise a date for 1.0 either, making a perfect emulator is playing the long game.

  • I haven't fully analyzed the complete change-log yet (will do that when we prepare the actual release), but what I can see in a quick glance in the list, is a fix for ANE/LAX illegal opcodes, REU timing fixes, some minor cartridge emulation fixes, a bunch of VIC-II fixes related to dma-delay. And the major change will be the new SID emulation code that has been developed that should offer better combined waveforms and emulates various quirks of the envelope generators correctly.

  • 1.0 will mark the time when we can say it is 100% compatible (not a single failing test) in cartridge mode... we are coming closer to this, but also every small step is getting harder.

    As for an update.... yeah, well. Like Peter said - its hard to tell. You can be sure though that we are well aware of the fact that an update is long overdue - and we are pushing as hard as we can.

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