ACA 1220 33MHZ with ACA 500 Plus?

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  • That's a 16MHz card. The seller has obviously overclocked it. The price back when it was new was 89,- EUR (oh good times, when 68020 CPUs were cheap to get).

    Yes, that will work on the ACA500plus.

  • Hello Jens,

    Thank you for the info.

    So, there is no need to upgrade firmware for this particuraly one to use with the ACA500plus, good to know.

    Do you think the ACA1221LC is better than this ACA1220 for the ACA 500 Plus? the advantage is more there any other?

    I will pay a little more for the 1221lc compared to it.

    Please, let me know.

  • The ACA1221LC has the advantage of faster chip ram access speed (especially at lower clock rates), and it performs slightly faster at the same clock speed (see performance data in the Wiki: 40MHz performance is more than 8% higher). Further, you can dynamically switch between clock rates and switch to a sync-14MHz mode, which is more useful on an A1200.

    On an A1200, the IDE will be accelerated, but on the ACA500plus, both cards will perform at about the same speed on CF cards, with slight advantages for the ACA1221lc due to it's faster memory.

    The small flash rom of the ACA1221lc lets you store a few settings, but that advantage is also more useful on an A1200.

    So the only advantage of the old card is more memory - in all other aspects, the ACA1221lc is just "more modern".

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